A Nashville Brunch Spot for Every Enneagram Number

A few months back, I posted Nashville coffee places and cocktail bars for every enneagram type. If you haven’t already stumbled upon those, click the links above or at the bottom of the page to see what you’ve been missing.

New to enneagram? Review the type descriptions here.

Photo credit:  @lovelesscafe

Photo credit: @lovelesscafe

1 (The Reformer) - Loveless Cafe

This red and white gingham-covered restaurant transports visitors back to grandma’s kitchen, where the steaks are country-fried, the grits are stone ground, and everything is covered in gravy. Loveless figured out the perfect recipe for biscuits in the 1950s and Nashville residents have been chowing down ever since. Ones will find solidarity with this classic brunch location as its perfect recipes have stood the test of time, keeping southerners happy and hearty for six decades.


Photo credit:  @daniellebatkins

Photo credit: @daniellebatkins

2 (The Helper) - The Old School

The Old School Farm to Table offers a handwritten, hyper-seasonal menu saturated in locally sourced provisions from neighboring nonprofit farms. In true two form—being sensitive to the needs of every patron—the restaurant provides mouthwatering options for the veggie-focused, gluten-free, and allergy affected.*


Photo credit:  @wilder

Photo credit: @wilder

3 (The Achiever) - Proper Bagel

Proper Bagel calls itself a modern, conceptual eatery with a minimal black and white interior design. <<< That sentence alone includes every three buzzword I know. Including Barista Parlor coffee on its menu, this brunch stop offers beautiful and healthy bagel sandwiches, salads, pastries, and toasts. The market-style ordering line helps consumers move efficiently and easily through their day, making sure not to impede progress of an achiever’s daily goals.


Photo credit:  Style Blueprint

Photo credit: Style Blueprint

4 (The Individualist) - EiO & The Hive

As eclectic as a four, this environmentally conscious west Nashville restaurant offers various juices, elixirs, and kombucha on top of its organic-only brunch foods. The unusual art and macramé plant hangers complement the creative menu, providing a home away from home for every artsy individualist.


Photo credit:  @marcheartisanfoods

Photo credit: @marcheartisanfoods

5 (The Investigator) - Marche Artisan Foods

Following the natural form of a five, Marche provides classy and cultured menu items, undeterred by passing trends or millennial movements. Elegant white tablecloths lay a simple setting to support the intelligent combinations of artisan offerings.


Photo credit:  @dozenbakerynashville

Photo credit: @dozenbakerynashville

6 (The Loyalist) - Dozen Bakery

This little-known Wedgewood Houston bakery subsists on regular visits from local loyalists. Located off the beaten path, Dozen’s brunch menu features a very limited number of brunch items—including split baguettes, rye waffles, and tartines—giving the indecisive six nothing to fear when choosing what to order.**


Photo credit:  @butcherandbee

Photo credit: @butcherandbee

7 (The Enthusiast) - Butcher & Bee

A constantly changing menu covered in shareable items makes Butcher & Bee the prime brunch locale for every socializing seven. No matter their enneagram number, guests will hit the peak of gluttony and enthusiasm when the whipped feta covered in honey and cracked pepper makes its way to the table.


Photo credit:  @butchertownhall

Photo credit: @butchertownhall

8 (The Challenger) - Butchertown Hall

Touting accolades from Eater Nashville and Nashville Scene, Butchertown Hall knows the importance of running a tight ship that meets expectations. Bold in its claims but consistent in backing up the buzz of its meaty menu, this Germantown brunch spot hasn’t lived a vulnerable day in its life.


Photo credit:  @fenwicks300

Photo credit: @fenwicks300

9 (The Peacemaker) - Fenwick’s 300

Like nines around the globe, this unassuming diner makes sure to please every patron. Basic American brunch choices, eclectic Asian bacon and egg fried rice, and French-themed beignets provide delicious offerings for every type. Bottomless coffee in the easy-to-navigate Melrose community will make brunch an easy and peaceful experience for everyone.

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*My personal sevenness aside, The Old School is the BEST brunch you’ll find in the Nashville area. Begin with the Baker’s Basket and then order everything else on the menu.

**My favorite six LOVES this place.

Cristy Wicks