A Nashville Cocktail Bar for Every Enneagram Number

If you landed here, I'll assume you have a basic understanding of the enneagram. Scroll down to find a cocktail bar to complement every personality type.

Photo credit:  @andrewthomaslee

Photo credit: @andrewthomaslee

1 (The Reformer) - Henrietta Red

The bar room’s clean design, sharp lines, and carefully curated cocktails will delight every one who enters. Reformers should choose the flume zoom, comprised of Old Forester Signature, Morenita Cream Sherry, Coffee Syrup, and Chocolate Bitters for made-just-right, drinkable perfection.


Photo credit: @ geistnashville

Photo credit: @geistnashville

2 (The Helper) - Geist

Fresh on the scene, Geist delivers a rush of romance in its Pink 75 garnished with a floating flower. Twos feel a sweet sense of service by helping this brand-new restaurant survive one of its first weeks of business.


Photo credit: @ paperselfs

Photo credit: @paperselfs

3 (The Achiever) - L.A. Jackson

Threes feel like they’re on top of the world, or at least on top of Nashville, at L.A. Jackson’s rooftop bar. They’re likely to brush shoulders with high level executives staying in The Thompson Hotel below, and they’ll feel right at home as their eyes land on the vodka, grapefruit, lemon, and rosemary drink appropriately named the “Overachiever.”


Photo credit: @ grayanddudley

Photo credit: @grayanddudley

4 (The Individualist) - Gray & Dudley in  21C

Prone to high emotion and creativity, fours will adore this hotel bar accompanying the 21C museum hotel in downtown Nashville. With free exhibits open to the public year round, patrons may begin at the bar, take a stroll through the interactive art exhibits, and then head back for a second round of drinks.


Photo credit: @ katedearman

Photo credit: @katedearman

5 (The Investigator) - The Fox

Tucked behind Mickey’s and Walden Bar, The Fox feels private and esoteric. If every five is like my best five friend, they’ll love The Fox for its intimate booths and detailed menu. Expect fives to invest their time in the menu, analyzing the spirited and adventurous sliding scales below each drink’s ingredients.


Photo credit: @ rabbithole

Photo credit: @rabbithole

6 (The Loyalist) - Bastion

If you don’t know what you’re feeling, you’re feeling Bastion. Sixes, or as one of my friends describes them, “bundles of opposites,” will feel comfortable at Bastion whether they are wanting a casual nacho night or a libatious and lit evening with the whole gang. One visit and they’ll be loyal for life.


Photo credit: @ attaboynashville

Photo credit: @attaboynashville

7 (The Enthusiast) - Attaboy

No seven can resist a night in the unknown with Attaboy. This menu-free speakeasy designs individual cocktails for every guest, so adventure-seeking enthusiasts experience delight at every turn.


Photo credit: @ we_heart

Photo credit: @we_heart

8 (The Challenger) - Old Glory

As eights walk down the sweeping golden staircase, they can’t help but feel like the authoritative, commanding protagonist in F. Scott’s Great Gatsby. Dark alcoves, high ceilings, and a towering smokestack are a physical representation of the eight’s assertive and sometimes intimidating confidence.


Photo credit: @ pinewoodnashville

Photo credit: @pinewoodnashville

9 (The Peacemaker) - Pinewood Social

Ever-ready to go along with everyone else’s whims, nines will know everyone’s happy at Nashville’s Pinewood Social. With bowling lanes, bocce courts, and dipping pools, nines can rest easy knowing their pals will find a drinking environment that fits their flavor.


Cristy Wicks