A Nashville Coffee Shop for Every Enneagram Number

As a follow up to A Nashville Cocktail Bar for Every Enneagram Number, this post highlights the perfectly paired coffee hang for every personality type.

Photo credit: @ cremacrema

Photo credit: @cremacrema

1 (The Reformer) - Crema

“Coffee is our one thing.” There's no room for improvement when it comes to Crema's pour overs and sweetened condensed iced Cubans. Reformers will love Crema's commitment to drink-making perfection and zero waste operations. Every visit satisfies idealistic cravings to make the world a better place through environmental action, coffee education, and drinkable excellence.


Photo credit: @ wellcoffeehouse

Photo credit: @wellcoffeehouse

2 (The Helper) - The Well

“Where Coffee Changes Lives.” Come on. Does anything draw a two in like the potential to love and serve people? (Hard no.) The Well exists to serve its local and global communities, selling locally made goods and sending profits to build wells around the world. PLUS, they make good coffee and set a stage for [really talented] local musicians. Helpers will love knowing their purchases at The Well turn their monthly coffee budget into hope.


Photo credit: @ breezyandbrazen

Photo credit: @breezyandbrazen

3 (The Achiever) - Barista Parlor (The OG)

You don't have to look for long to find photos of Barista Parlor on listicles titled Best Coffee Shops in the Nation. The space is cool, the coffee is hot, and the patrons are hip. Some believe you have to fit a certain stylistic theme (think: edgy, artistic, voguish) to feel comfortable at the original Barista Parlor, which is no problem for threes. Achievers easily adapt to fit social requirements, and their personal popularity pairs nicely with BP's nationwide acclaim.


Photo credit: @ baristaparlor

Photo credit: @baristaparlor

4 (The Individualist) - Barista Parlor x Golden Sound (BPxGS)

As I type this, a man to my left takes BPxGS staff photos using the largest Polaroid camera I’ve ever seen. A vinyl spins in the corner, a videographer edits a video in front of me, and a local songwriter jots down lyrics in between sips of BP’s self-titled coffee roast, “The Golden Sound.” This space—the second location for Barista Parlor—exudes creativity in the white spaces of its interior design and the rich music history resonating through the metal beams and brick walls. Opened as a recording studio in the 60s, Golden Sound is the perfect space for fours to lose themselves in a creative project or a smooth cup of coffee.


Photo credit: @ gamepointcafe

Photo credit: @gamepointcafe

5 (The Investigator) - Game Point Cafe

Although strategy board games may not be a binge for all fives, my experiences with friends of this type have yet to contradict this trend. Game Point Café houses bookshelves full of board games for patrons to conquer throughout their coffee time. Nothing pleases a five quite like an intellectual challenge, so sipping a drip coffee or the signature “Old Earth Theory” latte in between collecting resources, claiming Contessa, or building wonders will likely excite even the most introverted Investigator.*


Photo credit: @ steadfastcoffee

Photo credit: @steadfastcoffee

6 (The Loyalist) - Steadfast

Classic and contemporary, Steadfast combines the best of both coffee shop worlds. The space somehow feels inviting and exclusive, the seating is indoor and outdoor, and the menu is made up of standard and unique drinks.** These seeming contradictions make Steadfast a comfortable coffee stop for every second-guessing six.


Photo credit: @ sumpcoffee

Photo credit: @sumpcoffee

7 (The Enthusiast) - Sump

Want a new adventure? Sump, with only six months of business so far, continues to feel undiscovered and unique. Its St. Louis roots come through in the grunge-styled logo, but the space maintains Nashville integrity with its so-called “modern and minimal” architecture. Any seven who typically loses their mind over citrusy Ethiopian roasts will lose their mind at Sump. [I do and I did.] Spontaneous types may follow up their coffee date with a pop into Pastaria next door or an impromptu race around the pools outside.


Photo credit: @ styleblueprintnville

Photo credit: @styleblueprintnville

8 (The Challenger) - The Cafe at Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms founder Becca Stevens is a mission-minded challenger. Committed to healing, empowering, and employing women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction, The Cafe at Thistle Farms confronts injustice with strength and tenacity. Eights will feel inspired by the cafe's indomitable spirit, and they can make their own world changing plans over a nitro coffee or americano.


Photo credit: @ osacoffee

Photo credit: @osacoffee

9 (The Peacemaker) - Home Brewing with Osa Coffee

Sometimes a slow, peaceful morning is just what the coffee connoisseur ordered. Nines may find it easiest to wake up slowly, easing into the kitchen to craft their own pour over coffee. As they unhurriedly swirl the gooseneck kettle over blooming Osa coffee grounds, home brewers are just minutes away from [unintentionally] quoting the brand's tagline: “it’s damn fine coffee.”


*Shout out to Settlers of Catan, Coup, and 7 Wonders.

**Try the Matchless coffee soda, the rested butterscotch latte, or the flash-chilled cold brew.


Cristy Wicks