A Nashville Eatery for Every Enneagram Number

Believe it or not, enneagram is still trending and the Nashville food scene continues to pop. Go for a scroll to find a plate and a place that feels like home.

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Photo credit:  eater

Photo credit: eater

1 (The Reformer) - Folk

“A place for everyone.” Between its tagline and its flawless delivery of delicious dinners, Folk is an obvious choice for Reformers. Not a grumble can be heard as servers make table crumbs disappear quickly and quietly between courses, and visitors clean their plates at an equally impressive rate. Perhaps its sister restaurant’s years of experience in Germantown paved the way for perfection, or maybe the meticulous design of every factor—plant placement, seasonal menu, quality service, and open kitchen—culminates in this impeccable dining experience. No matter the recipe or algorithm, one thing is sure: this place is good as folk.

*Folk is the sister restaurant of Rolf & Daughters

Photo credit:  nashville guru

Photo credit: nashville guru

2 (The Helper) - True Food Kitchen

According to True Food’s founder, food should make you feel better. Twos will feel right at home in this purpose-driven, people-pleasing dining room. From its heartwarming dishes (customizable to any taste or allergen), to its community-focused pre-brunch yoga offerings, True is truly (and twoly) nourishing bodies and souls.

Photo credit:  @carolynmccready

Photo credit: @carolynmccready

3 (The Achiever) - Restoration Hardware

Amidst the four stories of the image-conscious Restoration Hardware is a dining haven for success-driven threes. High ceilings and high class give young achievers a glimpse into their future homes, and smooth talkers will find an equally smooth taste as they pause victory speeches to fill their mouths with delicacies. Menu offerings like the artisanal prosciutto with strawberry preserves and warm baguette are sure to be blue-ribbon worthy in every bite.

Photo credit:  eater

Photo credit: eater

4 (The Individualist) - Bar Otaku

The unique, newly opened Bar Otaku celebrates visual and edible artistry in its Gulch location. Fours who stumble in after their most recent emotive work will find comfort in the late night snack menu and small dining alcoves. In addition to their love for the unassuming culture of this Japanese pub, individualists will hold dear the intention and symbolism in the roots of the restaurant.

Photo credit:  eater

Photo credit: eater

5 (The Investigator) - Bastion

Limited seating and expertly-crafted menus make Bastion a safe environment for even the fivest of fives. Add on the hideaway bar inside, and investigators may never leave. This esoteric, 24-seated restaurant offers a customizable 5-course menu (designed in an analytically-pleasing grid) or a family style meal for 4 to 6 friends. As fives are unlikely to heed my assertion without exploring for themselves, they should book a resy asap (and then allow 4 to 6 weeks as they continue the internal deliberation of where the restaurant fits on their personal spectrum of culinary excellence).

Photo credit:  nashville guru

Photo credit: nashville guru

6 (The Loyalist) - Tailor

No menu choices, no problem. Tailor’s pre-selected 8 to 10 courses are inspired by the chef’s South Asian American heritage, an homage to home every six is sure to appreciate. This loyalty to family recipes and traditions, along with investment and alliances with local farms in Nashville, make the security-seeking six feel safe in any seat at the Tailor table.

Photo credit:  nashville guru

Photo credit: nashville guru

7 (The Enthusiast) - Chaatable

Show me a seven and I’ll show you a shareable menu. Maneet Chauhan’s Indian Bazaar-themed brick and mortar serves savory street food and delicious drinks that will leave every seven hyped and happy. Chaatable’s colorful decor, pun-covered menu, group-friendly high tops, and finger-licking flavors make a fun night out for any enthusiast (and their 12 best friends).

Photo credit:  @butchertownhall

Photo credit: @butchertownhall

8 (The Challenger) - Saint Stephen

Saint Stephen’s rock and roll inspo can’t help but radiate rebellious eight vibes. This Germantown restaurant, replacing the short-lived Mop/Broom and Kuchnia & Keller concepts, claims to straddle the line of fine dining and Brooklyn bar fare. A somewhat offbeat but welcome invitation to wear your pajamas to brunch shows the restaurant’s eight-like desire to challenge social convention. Whether the Grateful Dead-inspired cocktails will help the guarded challenger let out their vulnerable side or ignite a rebirth of their angsty teenage garage band is yet to be determined.

Photo credit:  @fenwicks300

Photo credit: @fenwicks300

9 (The Peacemaker) - The Old School Farm to Table

A calming respite from the chaos of the city can be found in the light of dusk at The Old School Farm to Table. Evenings here feel slow and meaningful, so visitors can savor their company as much as the sustainably-sourced entrees. Nines will love the moments when the taste of the farm fresh egg pasta or smoked ham risotto sends a hush across the table, creating a collective peace in sound and spirit.

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Cristy Wicks