In a world consumed with digital marketing, it’s a special treat to see my writing in print. Below you’ll find my work on direct mail pieces for She Reads Truth and CentriKid Camps.

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The following brochures are from two different campaigns for CentriKid Camps. 

Campaign 1: Don't Sweat the Summer

Fifty-two weeks out of the year, you balance details of programming, lesson plans, snack orders, and everything in between. But this week, we’ll take the lead. We’ll hustle to cover the details so you can focus on relationships with your kids. Together, we can support their growth as they make new friends, explore a new place, and encounter God in a new way—distraction free. As we provide a safe and positive experience, we pray for moments that will impact kids’ faith forever. Camp with CentriKid and don’t sweat the summer.

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Campaign 2: Use Your 60

At some point, the passing of minutes turned into the passing of paperwork. You hammer out administrative details and planning with your ministry hours instead of doing your main passion—intentionally pouring into kids.

Not this week. At CentriKid Camp, we promise to free your hands of all the little distractions associated with kids ministry. For one week out of the year, hand us the clipboard. We’ll order snacks, plan Bible study, set up recreation, organize leaders, and lead worship sessions. You, along with your other leaders, have one main job: use your 60.

Use all 60 minutes of every hour to invest deeply in the lives of your kids. Find moments for one-on-one time. Meet with small groups. Ask personal questions. Share your story. Whatever you do, don’t waste a second worrying about details. We have it covered. Go ahead. Use your 60. 

Cristy Wicks