Email Sequences

I’ve written emails for a variety of industries including: food service, retail, publishing, entertainment, nonprofit, and career coaching. Each client prefers a different format, so you’ll find emails with only headlines, headlines plus body copy, and long-form stories below.

First, you’ll see Humphreys Street Coffee Shop samples including:

  • First time customers (sent immediately upon first visit)

  • Returning customers (sent following the second visit)

  • Loyal customers (sent following the twelfth visit)

  • Mother’s Day promotion

  • Father’s Day promotion

The Humphreys Street audience is comprised of millennials, so you’ll see a relaxed tone, clean and simple design, and a hidden reference to the Spice Girls.

HS Email 1.png
HS Returning Customer Email.png
HS Loyal Customer Email.png
HS Mother Day Email.png
HS Father Day Email.png

The LifeWay Retail team sends multiple emails per day. They focus on showcasing products and sales, so copy is minimal. One exception is the weekly newsletter, which pushes readers to blog posts and videos in addition to new releases.

This audience is drawn to common Christian phrases and faith inspiration. They move to action based on sales promotions. In the copy below, you’ll see uplifting and encouraging headlines accompanying sales callouts.

LW Retail Email.png
Gather Email.png

Bible Studies For Life: Kids is a three-year curriculum published by LifeWay Kids. These emails tend to be more informational since the purchase decision impacts ministries for multiple years.

As you’ll see below, this audience prefers straightforward product information and reminders that their work is meaningful.

BSFL Unboxing Email 1.png

Happen To Your Career is a Washington-based career coaching company. The founder, Scott Barlow, hosts a podcast, trains future career coaches, and helps dissatisfied people find career happiness through coaching sessions and a 6-month bootcamp.

This audience prefers long-form, personal stories. Since Scott is the face of the brand, I wrote in his voice, which is verbose and conversational.

HTYC Pirate Email.png
HTYC Badass Email.png
HTYC Leonardo Email.png
Cristy Wicks