The following letter was written on behalf of Doug Martin, Managing Director of Amazima Ministries. What to look out for in my writing for Doug: choppy language, one-word sentences, strong imagery, and a straightforward tone.

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The following two letters were written on behalf of Jana Magruder, Director of LifeWay Kids. Jana's style is upbeat and relational. What sticks out in my writing for Jana: an increase in adjectives, encouraging tone, and conversational language.


The following letter was written on behalf of Eric Geiger, Vice President for LifeWay Christian Resources. Eric is an engaging speaker who often incorporates wisdom from theologians in his teaching and leadership. What to notice in my writing for Eric: a commanding tone, credible quotes, fatherly pathos, and a strong call to action.

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Katie Davis Majors launched to stardom with the release of her first NYT bestseller, Kisses from Katie. In her newest release, Daring to Hope, Katie provides new stories and accompanying life lessons from her life in Uganda as the mother of 13 adopted daughters. What to look out for in my writing for Katie: a heartfelt tone, multiple ellipses, and a warm invitation to join in the ministry of Amazima.

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Cristy Wicks