Late Summer Vacays for Every Enneagram Number

Summer’s end is in sight, and like any good seven, I’m frantically planning more weekend adventures to soak up every last minute.

While scheming and dreaming of my own getaway, I brainstormed a few ideas for other enneagram numbers, too. If you’re not quite ready to say sayonara to vacation season, skim the ideas below!

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1 (The Reformer) - Education Station

Since many ones struggle to give themselves permission to rest, they will fare well to view a late summer trip as a learning opportunity. Whether they end up perusing paintings in a local art museum, exploring a historical city (Charleston, Williamsburg, Boston, etc.), enrolling in a sourdough class, or spinning the wheel in pottery class, knowing they are improving themselves will make the experience more enjoyable. For even greater glee, they may choose to participate in an Airbnb Social Impact Experience that reveals ways they can improve their local community.


2 (The Helper) - Nurtured in Nature

Turning off their strong call to serve can be difficult, so twos should take a quick trip to a cabin in the mountains, away from the normal needs they cover. (If they stay near home, they may be tempted to fill in for a bailing church volunteer, help a friend move, or make dinner for a neighbor.) Twos may bring along close friends to their mountain getaway, but they should make sure to assign (equal) weekend responsibilities before loading the car. Once they arrive at the cabin, a combination of slow porch mornings, midday hikes, and evening soaks in the hot tub* will provide the helper with a serene sabbatical.

*I have yet to meet a mountain cabin that didn’t have a hot tub.


3 (The Achiever) - No Phone Zone

Ever-achieving threes may not know what true rest actually feels like. Depending on available funds, their late summer vacation can be an Insta-glamorous beach trip complete with floppy beach hat, trendy pool inflatables, and perfect bikini body, or it can be as simple and sweet as a backyard pool party boasting of batched cocktails, summer salads, grilled watermelon slices, and fall-off-the-bone barbecue bites.

Regardless of the location or menu, the real key to this relaxation experience is a strict no phone zone and the absence of brand-new friends or acquaintances. Either of these may subconsciously push them to perform.


4 (The Individualist) - Offbeat Retreat

Knowing fours’ affinity for creative moments and caring for emotional needs, a late summer spiritual retreat is just what the (alternative) doctor ordered. Whether individualists follow a traditional religious practice or not, they will appreciate having space to focus on artistic expression and allow moods and feelings to flow freely. Between moments of putting paintbrush to parchment, individualists may pursue mindfulness practices like yoga, meditation, journaling, or a nature walk.


5 (The Investigator) - Immersion Therapy

As fives tend to live in their heads, an effective vacation will engage their bodies and senses as much as possible. This could involve a caving tour with towering stalagmites where investigators will discover new sights, smells, and sounds, or it could go a fancier direction with an 8-course dinner at a high-end restaurant offering its own intoxicating sights, smells, and sounds. Wherever they go and whatever they do, fives must be actively engaged in their experience.


6 (The Loyalist) - Float on a Boat

For sixes, a day on the lake with friends may be the perfect summer treat. Loyalists will feel their friendships are safe and secure with each friend who boards the boat. Add in the gentle back-and-forth motion of the carrier on the calming waves, plus the option to either take the captain’s seat or simply float along for the ride, and sixes feel like a loyal royal. If a boat day is out of the question, this type may consider tubing down a river with friends. The primary goal here is for sixes to be surrounded by their people for a generous amount of time.


7 (The Enthusiast) - Home Unknown

Sevens need little permission or inspiration to plan their next big adventure. Enthusiasts will love booking last-minute tickets to a brand-new city or taking a short drive to a nearby community that lies unexplored. The main priority here is finding a new experience, whether that lands travelers in a bustling metropolis or a babbling-brookside camper. Sevens especially enjoy eccentric and exotic stays, so they may double their delight by searching Airbnb for an airstream trailer, tiny home, yurt, or other unique lodge.


8 (The Challenger) - Scene Extreme

Eights feel most alive when they are conquering obstacles, so challengers may look for a quick weekend trip that is comprised of mental or physical challenges. Activity options include mountain climbing, white water rafting, escape rooms, obstacle course races, or a high-energy debate card game with friends. (Following the eight posture of directness, I kept this one short and to the point.)


9 (The Peacemaker) - Staycation Elation

Operating on lower amounts of energy than the majority of the enneagram tribe, nines may desire a low-key late summer rest. Peacemakers can book a local hotel or Airbnb, don a new pair of pjs, and binge their favorite YouTube channel, Amazon show, or book series. With Postmates and UberEats, they can even order from their favorite local restaurant and have it delivered straight to their door. Forecast calls for comfy clothes in nap city all dang day.

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